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I’ve always enjoyed gardening, cooking, eating – basically all things food. My sweet tooth drives my special interest in desserts and candy. In 2005, my husband’s family purchased and began running a small restaurant in his hometown of Fort Garland, Colorado. We focused on good home-cooking, offering savory dishes and sweet delights. When some friends asked if we would be interested in buying their fudge-making equipment, I just couldn’t resist. Adding homemade fudge just seemed like a natural extension to the restaurant. In 2007, my husband and I took over All-Gon Restaurant and launched Fiddlesticks Fudge.

As with most small businesses, we’ve had our “Rocky Roads” and some days are simply “loaded with nuts.” However, the fudge is always smooth and creamy. We proudly offer the best homemade fudge locally and by mail order. Our fudge consumers range from coast to coast in the United States, and we even have international customers. We make no more than 33 pounds of fudge at a time, so our quality control is outstanding. We make each individual batch on site in our own commercial fudge kitchen..

We’re proud to do business in this wonderful small town, high in the beautiful San Luis Valley of Colorado. Stop in and try some – your taste buds will be very happy and you’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for visiting our site. We’re looking forward to being of service to you and yours.


Lisa Gonzales, Fudgemeister






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